Moving on from the latest problems I had with the blog here and the copy issue, now that has been absolved and is no longer an issue as far as it goes, lessons have been learnt and that is what is important.

Credit to the copier, Linus his name is, for acknowledging the misake and dealing with it by removing my content and apologising to me for it.

I accept that apology as sincere and will be happy to let the issue go.

So moving on…

I guess most of you will have by now heard all about the report titled “The death of Internet marketing” by M Filsaime.

There has been alot of opinions posted to the forums regarding this.
Some negative some positive, nevertheless it did get people talking which was probably the aim of the report itself.

One thing is clear they are talking about HIS view, his business.

Opinions are just that, opinions… we all have them.

My opinion on it is that this was a blatent rip off of the earlier report called “The death of adsense” right down to the way it was distributed.

Let’s all get one thing clear…

Internet marketing is NOT dying…it never will.

The title is a grabber I admit that much but it is also very misleading.

One thing very clear…YOU the little guy, the non “guru” he cares very little about, you are just a number, someone to make money from.

Yet he says in that report there is NOTHING for sale, no ulterior motive.
Is it assuming we are that naive?
Why do it if thats so?

One thing he says in the report is he has a “select few” that he will work with, so if you are NOT in that select few you have a hope in hell chance of ever getting him to promote your product.

Well he will miss out if that is the case…it wasn’t long ago he was a nobody trying to get somewhere much like the rest of us.
So now he IS at the top he says he now has to say NO to people.

hhhm.. wonder how far he would have got if those who got him where he is had said NO…it stinks if you ask me.

The problem and he admits it, he IS a part of it, a spoke in that wheel.

Well it is certainly clear he has joined the “money mad circle” of the top
I mean look at his emails…no decent content, just a “buy this” attitude which many of them have, see why I have unsubbed from so many list lately…can you blame me?
Every email is a blatent promotion of this or that.

He blames it on the fact so many launches have been made lately at the same time, and all cross promoting each other.
He says people get fed up with that and they either unsubscribe or ignore them.

Whos fault is that?

I didn’t hear him complaining when the money rolled into his account that came from alot those who were on these “guru’s” list.

The truth is they are in the same bed together and now they made that bed they will just have to lay in it!

This issue wont get better for them…only worse, people now trust them less, listen to them less, hence all the unsubscribing.

They have made this Internet Marketing look worse.

Never mind…it doesn’t mean YOU can’t succeed, why should it.

He don’t care about you…he only cares about himself and his little circle!
That much he admits in the report…maybe not directly, but you are smart enough to read that for yourself.

He says he will now only promote products in his little circle of friends.

Well…that to me seems daft, there are going to be some great products created by people we have yet to hear of…so he and his little circle would miss out.
I mean…how many of those around now had you heard of a year or two ago?

His biggest mistake is to ruin any trust people had for what he says.
I don’t say he his a bad guy, he isn’t, but he IS making his own problems.

Lack of real communication is the problem.
The “ezines” he and the “circle” write are nothing like what we signed up for in the first place.

How often do your favourite magazines (real offline ones) change the way they are done?
Never…if they did would you still buy them?

Mike even had the gall to have a rant at those who put the term guru in “” just as I do… “gurus”

Here he says those who do this are doing so in a derogatory way!?

“…someone that begrudges someone else for having what they,
too, also want. Blaming others for their lack of success, making
it appear that they are being exploited. All the while they would
love to have the same success. perhaps dropping the hypocritical
ego would help remove the ‘them against us’ conflict…”

Woah…well Mike the term “guru” to me, is a self labelled one.
I don’t think YOU are a guru…not by a long shot.

You maybe a big name in Internet Marketing…but that is it…nothing more and internet marketing or IM as we know it is not THAT big a circle!

I don’t use the term “guru” in any other part of life, I know no gurus…not the real ones.
There are NO gurus in this market.

While the report does have some self serving part for him, it also has some good points that may make your work better or more successful.

But that is just it, you and ONLY you can only decide what is good for you and your work.
Mike has no idea about you or your business so you need to take what he is saying as being about HIM and his business.

You may well learn something from it that CAN help you and your work.
Only you can say that though, not him.

If the likes of Mike and his circle spent time providing value to his list, this report would never have been done…it wouldn’t need to have been done.

It sounds as though he knows he has blew it with the list he has.
So he sets about growing a new one, well…I won’t be on them.
I am on this one so I could get this report and so I can see exactly what changes he does implement, see what he does rather than what he says he will do.

That WILL be interesting, and you should be watching what they do, not what they say…often they are two different things.

This post is just MY view on it, if you have not read it and would like to do so…you can grab it here, (link no longer good, removed)

Bare in mind what he says is not what goes…he doesn’t run this show you know, if anything I felt that report was centred around those that use the “warriors” forum.

If so…then yes, it is in a sense true, they are all in the same forum so it is bound to be that way, there is alot of scrtach my back and…you know.

I would love to hear your comments on this report.

What is gonna die next?
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