Sometimes, just sometimes you read or hear or learn of something that just… blows you away.

I mean, really blows you away, puts all your own stuff (whatever it is) into perspective in a way that can’t fail to make you grateful.

Well… I did just that.

Listen, after reading this, you’ll feel the same, you’ll think…

Wow, no excuses from  me! 😮

As long as you are breathing, I can promise you that much…

There I was earlier, feeling a bit dejected, woe is me kind of thing… life is unfair and all that, annoyed at the pain from others, annoyed at the fact some others let me down with things.

You know, just a bad all round day. Frustrating.

Wondering why I bother doing all this that I am doing, though I know I was driven to it by pain, a good thing pain as it does make you stronger…

But, you know… my crap ain’t so bad, bet yours isn’t either once you realise how someone with way more reason to be pissed at life than any of us is doing as well as they are.

See for yourself… and ask what is your excuse?

Me… nope, not one from me.

I’ll get past it, for sure. 😉

What about you?

Life is unfair, so what…
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