I like Facebook, it’s been a great re-connector for old friends, with the walled garden privacy settings being one of the main reasons for it’s growth, which they are now trying to reverse without a care for the users, not surprising to hear 50% of people have accepted been duped with it and left the change to public.

They need it open to the public for the simple fact the search engines will index them, send them more traffic.

Many are still using the private settings, myself included, though I have given that some serious thought recently as it’s only there I have set private, elsewhere online it’s not the case, but then elsewhere online I am not connected to so many real friends, people I actually know in the “real world” and that makes it different.

I love the fact I can interact with local friends and old friends I haven’t seen for years, most of them are set to private too, it’s what got them comfortable with facebook in the first place…

But the apps, and fake groups and more crap are driving me nuts!

I have to groan when I keep seeing crap apps, stupid fake groups like “we won’t pay to use facebook” which is just laughable! (HINT: facebook CAN’T afford to charge people and risk losing anything up to 350 million users!)

I remove almost all this crap from my profile and I know it will bother some who have posted and then seen me remover it and thought “oops”.. now don’t worry if that’s you, nothing personal in it at all, I just don’t want the crap all over my profile, I have seen friends profiles and they are nothing BUT that sort of crap.

But if you have set yours to open, are you comfortable with the fact every tom, dick and harry can see what crap gets posted to your profile?

Does it really reflect on you as a person, some say I should lighten up and chill, but my profile is this way for a reason and I write this so you who say “chill” can get an idea why I do it and why I don’t want that crap posted on my profile, why I don’t want to join crap fake groups which are “viral” in the way they are named, yet meaningless.

The apps and crap make you look sad, uninteresting in some sense, to some people!
Children’s stuff!
Need I say more?

No offence to any person, it’s just perception, and my perception is, in all honesty, influenced to a degree by the perception of many, do I really want others seeing that crap on my profile? No!

But… it gets worse, because people blindly click any old shit, they are spreading viruses, trojans and the like, I KNOW this because my PC stopped a trojan yesterday, and I do NOT click any old link, the problem was who’s link it was, not that they did it on purpose or anything, just that it’s FRIENDS… we tend to put more weight of trust on things relating to the person behind the link.

Natural, but it nearly caught me out.

I have to say I have always had friends contact me on facebook saying this has happened, my pc wont work, or similar, what do I do?

I always help, but why not all help yourselves…

Well, one thing, stop sharing crap, think about what you click a bit more before clicking it.
Use common sense!

Facebook is a haven for that sort of crap, so many users, so much “trust” between friends, so much ease of going viral… it’s WHY they target it, and groups are created to simply build a mailing list so they can spam your inbox with CRAP!

The next thing you could do, is when you use an app and it ask you to send invites and such, really think about who you are sending them to, do they really want that whatever app invite?
Will it annoy them?
Does this crappy app really mean anything?

Then you may consider not spamming your friends with it.

Consider what others think, more so if your profile is open, consider what your profile looks like and how it reflects you.

Just a thought… ;o)

While I like facebook, I am sick of the app spam crap…
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3 thoughts on “While I like facebook, I am sick of the app spam crap…

  • January 18, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    I don't doubt it Jayne ;o)

  • January 19, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    Well done :o)

    I don't think many people realise you haven't got to invite anyone to the applications if you want to use them – if you want to do quizzes, 'kids' stuff' etc there is nearly always a skip button to get the result.

    The moral – use the skip button instead of upsetting ya friends!

    Maybe threaten to name and shame the next person to post junk to your profile. (Thought the use of junk was a little more polite lol :oD)

  • January 19, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Thanks :o)

    I think people do just send invites because they think they have to, so you may have a point there.

    Skip button?

    NO thanks… I don't want them full stop.

    Do you really think I wanna know the answer to "will you snog rob" quizzes when it's sent by a bloke, a mate?

    I wonder, do they even THINK when seeing that question?
    Do they think I would want that on my profile, and do they think others want to see it?

    The Moral – think before doing crap on facebook! Instead of making you look daft! 😛

    Not naming and shaming people, they should feel enough of that when they show us all their lack of thought!

    No offence to anyone, but you know me, it needed saying and I will say it.



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