I ask because because the twits on twitter I wrote about a few post ago had a few comments and obviously I wasn’t the only one thinking this way, is that a good or bad thing?

Then a commenter said on the last post below and I quote,

“Oh, by the way – my Twitter grade is a lousy 37, and I’m proud of that. If you’re above a 90, you’re spending too much time online, becoming a hamster on a wheel.

PROVE to me it improved your bottom line measurably, I might rethink that – but I need proof. Not a grade from a bot.”

The bot was twitter grader which tweeters know about. ;o)
I replied and quote below,

“As for your twitter grade.

Look at it this way, your comment made me think..
“Is ALL you think of the bottom line being in monetary terms?”

Well look at this blog here, revamped with help of twitters, is that not helping my bottom line in one way or another?

Without twitter I wouldn’t have got it right.

With twitter it’s about the QUALITY of those you follow and interact with, rather than what time you spend there.
Relationship building IS what builds your bottom line. ;o)

Use twitter as a way of connecting to the right people for your business and see what it does to your business? ;o)

I think you miss out by NOT using it. :O)

Regardless, it’s whatever you feel best for you and your business and I won’t say it WILL help as I have no idea if it will.
I think it depends alot on your relationship with those on there more than anything.

That grader bot is a good example of social proof in action. ;o) regardless of whether we see it as worthless or not.

It’s tapping into it the right way ;o) “

My short blunt answer to this is…

Twitter is NOT THERE to make YOU money.
It’s a TOOL for CONNECTING, nothing more nothing less.

The web is NOT THERE to make YOU money, its a TOOL too.

You can USE them to generate something of value to swap with money, but how you do that is the key ;o)

So the real question is WHY are you using twitter?

As I said above I got this blog revamped with help of a few tweeters on twitter (thanks guys) and have made some good “friends” on there, i say friends as in online friends, nevertheless nice and helpful , fun, interesting people.

I get to find links to blogs and sites of interest from twitter, get news on twitter at times faster than I could otherwise.

I find that twitter is something pretty amazing in that where else can you get an INSTANT response to a problem just by “tweeting” about it?

I have now over 560 followers and I follow over 650 people, therefor there is ALWAYS someone on there to respond and there is always someone there I can respond to, help, advise, whatever.

Where else can you do that?
Where else can you have a “live personal feed” like that?

What I mean by that is it’s a LIVE feed, you get the tweet as soon as the other person wrote it, and vice versa, if using devices like a phone they can ANYWHERE!

Imagine you have 5000 followers, think you could get a response to a problem anytime?
Think there is someone who has that knowledge you are seeking on whatever it is? :O)

I do, I bet on it too.

So I use twitter as it should be used.

So what are YOU using twitter for?

“Why are you even USING twitter?”
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3 thoughts on ““Why are you even USING twitter?”

  • September 29, 2008 at 4:15 am

    Hi Rob, I totally agree with you. IMHO one has to keep up with social networking in order to Pay it Forward. I’ve made some terrific contacts through Twitter, increased my knowledge base tremendously, and as you said, received instant answers to my questions ~ I know you replied immediately, even ‘Across the Pond’ when I had a question regarding my site status, and it was nice to know that somebody ‘out there’ is listening.

    Thanks for a great post.

  • September 29, 2008 at 4:17 pm


    I agree with you, too. I doubt you could immediately measure the financial benefits of twitter, any more than you could immediately measure the financial benefits of having lunch at the same place as a lot of your customers do.

    It’s networking. You get to know people; people get to know you. When people something — anything — they are more likely to turn to people they know, or sort of know.

    With that said, I’ve only been on twitter two months, and I’ve already seen concrete benefits to my job. (I’m a journalist, who writes about parenting.) My twits have entered contests on my blog or even, in one case, become a source for a story.


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