Seems to be a lot of moaning on facebook about the recent changes with the home page, not for the first time either as I remember the same people moaning at the last change, which they are now saying the last set up was great … they got used to it didn’t they?!

Which was always going to be the case anyway, they knew it and those who use other social sites also knew it, facebook changed things for good reason, they run a business to make money online!

Businesses are meant to make money and where else but the data they collect are they going to be able to get money?
Ads from that data maybe? 
Pretty targeted ads too? 

Someone mentions laptops on my profile and this shows!

Part of business is to improve am I right?

Well they tried to do that by looking at buying twitter, which if you use twitter can understand the reasons, facebook failed as Ev (@ev on twitter) refused to sell, so whats the next best thing?

Nick “proven to be good ideas” and implement them into facebook itself maybe?

Not only from twitter.

When you look at my profile on twitter you see that below on the right hand side. A link to my blog, a short bio and my twitter stats, like how many followers I have and how many I follow, and the amount of “updates” which are the actual 140 character “tweets” themselves.

Ignoring the favourites tab for now, as that is just those tweets you want to save, rather than share, bit like your own tweetb’mark, a handy tool to keep in mind though while tweeting.

When I look at it, once logged in, I see the same as shown which now also shows a little box that swaps with others when you refresh the page, which you need to do to update the stream, it swaps with other little neat things you use with twitter, like twitter search etc.

This is something I can see added to facebook sometime, a search using tags or keywords which will pull up what you want to see related to that but from friends rather than facebook wide, even the tags on pictures, comments, likes etc…

On the bottom of that is the home and replies tabs, that is all there is to twitter, so it is good and bad in a way, the home stream is like a hose of tweets if you follow alot of people, and the reply stream are just the tweets aimed at you, in other words they start with @robsellen in my case. Great if you tweet a question and get alot of replies.

While twitter is great it has some serious limits to what you can do with it and I think they will add more to it.

But on friendfeed which is in so many ways very different to twitter they already have some great features which twitter should adopt as well as facebook, which if you look at it facebook already have started to do.

Looking at my friendfeed page I see this on the left which shows the lists I have which all show in their own streams, as you can see I have one for twitter which pulls all tweets to friendfeed so I never really have to go to twitter. Better though is the fact you can use twitter and then come to freindfeed and see others in friendfeed expanding the conversation around a tweet you made.

These list you can create are endless, you can do whatever you want, even follow people who don’t use friendfeed! By that lets say I know your twitter user name but don’t follow you on twitter, I can add the RSS from your twitter page (that is below the box on the right) and add to my friendfeed, so I will see your tweets without you even knowing. :o)

As you can see you have “rooms” too, all in their own streams which if you had a “niche market” could utilise well by creating a room solely for that market.

Um …

What’cha think?

Think they will start adding something like that to facebook? 

Maybe it will show on the sidebar as seen below on your own home page…you’ll  have to keep an eye on that. ;o)

I’d not be surprised to see it though.

Less apps, more feeds!!!  :o)


They missed a trick with removing the “live” feed from the last set up and I have no doubt it will pop back up on here before long.

On that friendfeed page of mine there are icons which show you what RSS feeds I have used in freindfeed, as seen below, often on my facebook page you will see something I posted on twitter, that’s then gone to friendfeed, then to facebook, and I only had to post a tweet on twitter!

Something facebook are already adding as you see below…

Just simply add whatever RSS feed you want to add to it and it will do the work for you.

Utilising RSS feeds this way means you can share you things so much easier without having to even go to facebook!

Some other features “nicked” from friendfeed are the “likes” which is a significant thing that many are not grasping fully, look at that with the possible search function in mind… 

What do I mean? Lets say for instance you are somewhere looking at something to buy, for instance you want a laptop, you are not sure what you want, you log into facebook and type in “laptop” in the search on facebook and it pulls up all the results for “laptop”, (friendwide or facebook wide, whatever they use) and you notice some search results are “liked” by a huge amount of people, many of them your friends… would it sway your choice?

Another feature from friendfeed in a sense is the new “highlights”, which on friendfeed is known as “best of the day” as you can see on the top right of on a profile page both on friendfeed and facebook.

Getting something liked alot, or commented on alot, will get your item showing on the highlights part of all your friends home page, depending on their friends, if similar then yes you will get to the top of it.. 

Something that could be abused a bit, but hey let’s see how it goes. ;o)

other thing from friendfeed which they got completely wrong was the ability to “hide” things, on friendfeed you hide whatever it is, for example tweets from twitter, so you will see less of them from everyone, on facebook they screwed up by making it hide everything from that person instead of the app itself, like the damn quiz app that’s taken over my own stream at times! 

You can “unhide” the person on the bottom of the page as seen below…

I read on facebooks own blog that this will be changed to hide apps rather than people.

A good move in reality.

So, while I can see why people moan, they don’t like change is the bottom line, you can see they are doing it to benefit you but benefit them more, which is why they are right to ignore the moaning, it’s a business thing.

The changes are better and needed to make facebook more interactive for the users, and they make it better for them to monetise it.

People go so far as to insult the creator of faceook on the facebook blog…idiots!

I have a few things I dislike about facebook, one is the “walled garden mentality” they have.

If you click a link the website opens in an iframe which to me is a joke, a bad ignorant move.

If I want to go out of facebook and look at a site I should just be able to do that, I know I can click the x in the top of the iframe and it will go to the page, but there are thousands who don’t know that.

Overall I think facebook made some good improvements and they will still improve it over time.

Quit ya moaning, if you don’t like it, go create your own social site! :o)

Why facebook was right to ignore the moaning
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2 thoughts on “Why facebook was right to ignore the moaning

  • March 26, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    I have never used FriendFeed so can’t comment on that but I hate Facebook. I feel like I was forced into using it although I probably wasn’t.

    I’m happy that I’ve reconnected with some people I’ve been trying to find for a long time but there are a few people I wish hadn’t found me and I’m happy to refuse friends invites.

    As for the design well I couldn’t care less. I rarely log in, it’s even rarer I update my status so how it looks is not an issue. I love that our foster kid complained about the first change and is now one of the ones complaining about this change saying that the current design is perfect. Idiot!

  • March 26, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    Hi Landers, (sounds like a movie!)

    I previously wrote about friendfeed, it’s a great RSS central, worth looking into. ;o)

    Regarding your comment, I suppose each to their own, and depends on how it’s used I guess, ;o)

    I agree with the friend invites from those you would rather forget, and meeting all old friends again, probably the best thing about facebook. ;o)

    As for the design, it’s the same when I look at who moaned this time…often it’s true they moaned last time too.

    Change…a hard thing for some ;o)



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