If you are like most people, when you search for something in google or other preferred search engine you most likely scan the results shown, usually paying more attention to the top results shown, google knows what people do when they see the results, having tracked it using eye studies, heatmaps, etc…


Scanning the page is the fastest, simplest way you can digest the information without taking in too much irrelevant detail, this is the natural split-second decision making your brain is so good at, it is only when something catches your attention that you start to read the results properly,

This is proof that getting that all important first page result for your site keyword matters and the further up to the left your result are the better.

As you can see getting in any of the slots on the first page will get you eyeballs…whether you get the clicks is another story altogether.

It’s a good thing google test these things. :o)

Better still it’s great they don’t hide the results, here they are sharing it with us.

SEO is an important part of what you should be doing, just the basics is better than nothing.

Why google search ranking matters
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