Willie Crawford as many of you already know is a proflicic contributer to the warrior forum, as well as being a guy full of knowledge and tested proven tips to help anyone make money online, he has been among the highest posters there, now he has over 6000 post!!

Willie post alot of great articles too those NOT in the “wrong” style of the drive by poster… he contributes and often expands on that in the post.
Alot of good post worth alot of money to those who read, learn and ACT.

As I touched on the INNER circle he has started, I thought it was a great indicator to what the private inner forum will be like along the way! ;o)

A “goldmine” and a great place to be in general.. it may not be growing at a crazy rate but it willl.. steady for a while and them I feel in a few month there will be people rapidly joining..and thinking “sheesh if only I got here earlier”..

Willie is bound to really share some great insights in there!

Congrats Willie on alot of great post in the warriors.

Willie Crawford
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