WordPress rocks, Facebook users and new post ideas…


I’ve been busy this last few days playing around with the both blogs, here and Portland Bill playing around behind the scenes (php is so… different to html) and getting stressed sorting out the integration of facebook to them.

Having got there in the end, I think it was worth doing.

Only time will tell really. 😀

It wasn’t all plain sailing though I have to admit, though I did learn alot and that’s always a bonus. 😉

I dealt with those issues and changed a few other things …

Facebook log in for comments

The setting up of the facebook log in on the comments was some hassle, it plays up with the captcha code, which has to be entered first, though I do think Otto did a great job with this facebook connect plug in.

I once turned that captcha off and got deluged with spam, so that’s not an option at the moment, I am hoping the anti spam plug in Gail from Growmap showed me which is being sorted out will be the way to go, there is a box that must be ticked next to the comment form to confirm you aren’t a spammer, or bot… meaning only real people posting real comments will get anywhere. 😀

I think with that I will be able to turn the captcha off, so let’s hope it all works out well, if so, that plug in could spread like wildfire. 😉

Facebook privacy

I had a couple of people worried that it interferes with their privacy from facebook, after all most people have it set to quite private settings… understandable, interestingly enough there is nothing to worry about, having tested things I can see that it only shows when you are logged in and it follows your own privacy settings, only your friends or who you allow to see your profile will see it. 🙂

I tested this out on the Portland Bill blog, as there are a few extras there due to it having a facebook fan page.

Logging out disables it all, because you also log out of facebook, really there is no need to log out after making a comment, with tabs in browsers now, you are logged in on that window (where you have tabs open) and it’s when you close the browser window that matters. Much like with your Google account. It means you don’t need to keep logging in and out.

This is how facebook/google will follow you around, or better put, you take your web with you … you could comment anywhere using the log ins on both facebook and google, as long as the website, blog allows it. 😀

Your Facebook privacy is safe… 😉

Layout, images and new post ideas

One of the better things about using WordPress 3.0 and the “twenty ten” theme is the header images, I have now added more new header images which you will spot over the next few posts, the one above showing you Portland’s best seat. 🙂

I think different headers on every post really makes a difference, having looked around at other blogs using it too, I see some fantastic ones out there, the fact they stood out is proof to me that they are worth having. 🙂

I also added a background image to this blog, as you can see on the sides and more so on the footer, below. No idea if this will slow the blog down really, the Portland Bill one has had a background image since day one and I never really noticed it slowing down on there, so thought I would give it a go here too. 😀

I changed the link colours too, green is for GO… after all. 😆

The layout itself, I am happy with at the moment, I used to have a sidebar on each side of the post, but I think one is enough, I may add a few more pages, which are always linked to under the header image.

New post ideas?

A few weeks ago Missy asked me a great question, it was interesting and fun to post about other peoples ideas and questions, it also sparked a few others off giving me post ideas, the contact form on here is great for that should you want to ask anything, please do.

So, that gave my an idea to add a “coffee break question” post, anytime I get asked something and I write a post about it, I will add that tag and add it to a category of the same name. 😉

That will group them together, easy to find then.

Look out for them, maybe one a week would be just the job. You will notice when it’s a coffee break post. 😀

Starting to really like and see the potential of this wordpress, and I have not stopped yet, not even scratched the surface really. 😀 Yet I think I will get more out of it on the Portland Bill blog, I have some good ideas to implement there. 😉

One last thing here, I added a BIG RSS icon on the top of the sidebar, making it more noticeable is meant to help, so we will see, go subscribe if you haven’t already, better still choose the email for a good freebie.

Hoping these little changes improve things for you and me here… any thoughts on that? (Oh edit to add: Check the new favicon in the browser, here and Portland Bill blog)

Please do leave a comment, even test out the facebook log in if you like. 😉

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