Feeling a little more caught up now having checked blogs, forums, emails… network sites..more.. you know how it is online with a million and one things happening.

One thing I really notice is having lost something important at least when you striving to DO something is momentum.

A key thing in my eyes.

But it’s not what has suprised me, that is something which has made my day, well after spending it with my sons that is.. ;o)

It suprised me few a few reasons, mainly due to the fact I have been inactoive for a fair few weeks, 8 I think, so a pleasnt suprise yet I am pleased that I also know with momentum it could possibly have been better…thats great to know.

It is this blogs google style widget feed , take a look and you see what I mean.

Thats great and makes me happy. Thanks. ;o)
I am glad at least 1000 you like and use it.

Good to be and active once more.
Now to get back to giving YOU good content to read.

What would YOU like me to blog about?

Any comments? Click the “speak up” link below… I do approve them very quickly.

Take care,

Wow…that has suprised me…
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