As a recent convert to WPress here, this has little use for me on here but for you blogger users among the readers, no doubt you will have now seen the new developments with templates,  if not…

To little to late from blogger

Blogger has been “thrilled” to announce the new template designer in the blogger in draft dashboard, if you use blogger (I still do with other blogs) then you really should use the draft version, it’s where any releases or changes blogger make go first and you can find the draft option at the very bottom of your dashboard, click it and once on draft, there is a box to tick at the top of the dashboard to always use that set up as default, tick it.

As for these new developments, I think it’s far to little far to late, I mean, it’s just fluff, 15 templates?

That all? 😕

They go with the few crappy ones already there, although yes, many different styles could be made from them, it’s still lame, of the millions of blogger blogs and templates out there, blogger offare 15 new varieties…with “more on the way”… why not fill the damn gallery right with with several hundred THEN annouce it?

Utilise the community

They should have sorted the templates out years ago, I think it should have been one of the main things they worked on over the years, encouraging users to create great templates and then sharing them on the template pages within blogger.

The bloggers are the best contributors to blogger

It baffles me why blogger don’t utilise this great pool of users they have in a better way, WPress being open source is utilising far more of a user base, those who work with it and use it all the time, WP itself has been the basis of some businesses, think Chris Pearson and the template side of things he has contributed to.

Why are blogger not giving credit to it’s own users in a similar way, allowing them to build blogger to be better than it is? 😉

Give the community a week to build templates they like, submit them to be checked over and if good, add them… how many great templates would come out that in ONE week?

Blogger needs to WOW us, not bring out so little in stages and non of them have any wow factor to make people take a sceonf look, why would someone on WPress go to blogger?

That is the question to be asked in bloggers office everyday, don’t you agree?

Bloggers new template designer, not enough really
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