While surfing about online it becomes obvious what really helps the owners make money online, for most websites its not graphics, banners, ok… maybe some will earn money from them but the main earner is the “words”, words sell, words give you the information you seek.

I see some great writers out there yet know there are a vast amount who struggle to make money from their obvious talent, sadly there are some who think writers shoudn’t earn through their writing skills!

Huh? Why the hell not?

That to me is plain crazy… will those naysayers donate an income to those who struggle to earn from writing?
Will they contribute to putting food on the table for their familes?

If so… please feel free to contact me and you can use my paypal as I could do with a meal or two being paid for…if not… then stop telling others how to earn their income!

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of naysayers out there who are quick to denounce things like that.
What do they gain from doing so?

For those of you who DO wish to earn more from your writing skills it pays to listen to those who already earn from writing.

You wouldn’t go to a farmer to ask how to learn to earn from writing would you?

You know something else, even those that are hugely successful from their writing skills will get the naysayers comlaining about it.

Sod em!

If you are a naysayer moaning about it, why not educate these on how else to earn a living, in an alternative way instead of having a bash, if you can show them a better way… go for it!
If not…shut up about it.

Let those people make money online how they can, after all they have to eat, clothe their families, pay their bills etc..

If you are one of those who would like to earn from writing, then go for it!
Not sure how or who to learn from?
Never fear, go to those already doing it, and doing it well.

The people I’m keen to learn more from are those that the top earners use to write for them, there is no doubt that those writers are doing well, you only need to look at the earnings the top guys generate from the words these top writers create for them.

It’s the words on these top guy’s sites and their marketing skills that get that cash rolling in.

So who better to learn from?

There has also never been a better time to start generating profits from writing with all the PLR rage that is here, and here to stay.

Not everyone can write well, but most people can write to a level that will get them earning, the problem is most don’t try, or even know where to start.

Well I have just the thing for you, want to generate some cash then now’s a good time to start, but don’t forget your writing can be generating money for a long time to come, even years from now.

I have read a great set of books which I KNOW will get me going in a huge way and there is nothing to stop you doing the same.

Don’t listen to the naysayers, they will STILL be naysayers a year from now.
If you get started now, think about where you will be a year!

Write something every week, be it an article, or a blog post or even a chapter of a book, you will have a great deal of money generating content out there, or a book ready to sell and you will be making money online.
If the money side is not the main focus, you could have other benefits like back links to your site, blog etc.

Having written alot of blog post’s myself over the last 2 and half years I can see the value of those links being out there.

So where should you learn to earn from writing?

As I say from those who have written for the big guys, or those who have earnt well from their own writing skills.

You don’t need to be a fantastic writer, just a good one, and you know practice makes perfect, well it certainly makes it easier.. ;o)

I just read a great package last night that I KNOW will help me a massive amount, also their credentials speak for themselves… those big guys most of you have heard of have used the writers skills to help them generate massive profits.

Take a look for yourself and start honing your own writing skills.
Heres the link to see what a great package it is.

Writing for profits
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