Yep, blogging is dead…

Blogging is dead?? Really… ok.

/delete… :o)

Seems to be the thing going around lately, not that I agree with it at all, they are changing maybe, evolving, adapting, growing but certainly not dying!

Why do people email or DM via twitter asking if it’s true?

“Is lifestreaming, twitter killing blogs?”
“Do I start streaming and delete my blog or just leave it up?”
“It’s what **** and **** is doing, so it must be true?”

WTF?? Are you serious, really?

Will my answer or anyone else’s answer influence it?
If it would, then you need to get out of that mindset fast, because that’s destructive to you.
The only person who can kill blogging for you, is you.

The naysayers and doom mongers are always looking to stir shit like this, that’s what they do. ;o)

If you insist on listening to others and taking it as gospel you will never get far with progress anyway because no-one has all the answers and they never will, as I have said before it’s all trial and error, no way to escape that.
Jumping from one thing to another is no way to go forward really.

What you should have been asking me is …

“Is lifestreaming worth doing and if so why?”
“Can it help me with my blog or site, or presence?”
“Can’t I do both and should I?”

Are they more sensible ones to ask?
Then the magic ingredient is you make your own mind up after you look at it realistically.

Does it fit with what you do now?
Can it improve things?

Then deciding if it will be worth doing, then testing it, judging it by your OWN results.

Not take what some people say as gospel and steadfastly do what they say. That’s the route to nowhere.

I am not going to stop blogging, far from it. :o)

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2 Responses to Yep, blogging is dead…

  1. nicktionary says:

    you're so right, y'know.

    another main point in the "blogging death" thing that I think you missed was the whole debacle.

    basically, bona fide bloggers think that "instablogging" promotes an influx of meaningless, trashy posting and detracts away from more serious blogging platforms such as LiveJournal, WordPress and Blogger.

    Again, I think you'll agree, this is not so.

  2. Rob says:

    I saw that tumblr thing too. :o)

    I do agree with you, it's no as they say, ah well, if it means people do stop blogging crap, spam stuff and fake reviews and the like, that's a good thing. ;o)

    More benefits for the real bloggers.


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