“You choose, join in”

I was just thinking… why do I hardly get comments here?
Then one pops up on the top post…. ;o)

Life’s a funny old game I tell ya!

I digress… what was I gonna say?

Oh yeah.. the pic reminded me! :o)

I think I’m at a real crossroad in life…NO not an early midlife crisis, I’m not quite that age yet!

More of what direction I go in life and what I do, things are changing whether I think about it or not, I can truthfully pin some of this down to reading or more precisely acting on two books, and having a few chats with a few people, including myself…please don’t send the ones in white! :o)

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will have seen all these small things build up to whatever changes there will be, and probably relate to it. I mean I do blog about things in my life, head, whatever so you know it’s some reflection of me, real.

By the every nature of blogs it’s conversational.

I do feel I know where I am heading but also how too, yet you know you’re part of it.
As big a part of it as you want to be in truth, after all it’s your choice really, I am just grateful you DO read it, although I like writing you reading keeps me writing it.

But I don’t really know what you like me writing about.

  • Do I keep the blog as is?
  • Do you want me writing more about…?
  • Would you prefer less of….??
  • Like the pictures?
  • What would you feel like commenting on?
  • What would get you joining in?

You see, I hope to have that camera I need in my hand as soon as I see it really, up to a limit of course, may have a mad rush of buys here or something ( ;o) ) that pushes me faster.

So…summer coming up, lots of pics, videos (you’ll laugh or faint) and interesting things going on but I could try to relate these pics or things to things you WILL be interested in…you know for example “how can I relate this experience to (blogging, marketing, whatever?)” topic or viewpoint.

Which way will you choose for me?

I comment on quite a few blogs, even been thanked for it a few times, playing my active part on the blogosphere, and did wonder, as you see at the top of the post ;o) , but realised I simply don’t ask you too often enough.

Strange but the ones I comment on often never ask you to comment, so I thought it worked, did on me ;o)

BUT, I will ask you, please comment, help me make sure I DO keep going in the right direction with this.

Take care,

P.s wow the first P’s here I think ;o) In case you wondered what books they were I spoke of earlier…It was the “Mindset” one as seen on the sidebar which pays YOU 100% commission, and John Reese’s “brain dump” which you can see in previous post or archive.

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