The last week has taught me some big lessons, mainly things I would never have thought about. It was only the fact I got things moving and started paying attention to things I noticed yet didn’t expect.

I learnt lessons about alsorts, interesting ones, surprising ones, and sadly dissapointing ones!

The biggest lessons I learnt were centred on me, about myself and I am glad to have learnt new things.
That’s what life is all about after all, learning, growing and expanding.

Having got alot of work done and starting off in the right direction at least I know I can do it and always improve it as I go and I will.

Getting the Warrior book done was a big plus, it’s bringing something in though from the people I least expected it to be from.

I know it is a very targeted niche of people, yet I did it in a sense of giving back as well as the possible return for contributing there too.

There are those who bought it, maybe in all honesty because I wrote it, maybe as a way of helping me out, that’s great, what was better they liked it.

Others dissapoint me!

I digress…

I got told something by a friend…a real mate, an offline mate that made me think.

“Rob…you’re too fu*king nice!” in his exact words!

hhhm… well I did touch upon it in an older post on here where I asked…

“Do I have to tell people to f*k off before they take any notice?

Yes I was angry hence the swearing…I am an adult so I am allowed to!

Anyway…the point was it seems so many take more notice of the jerks out there. What a crock of shit.

If I had created a book…

“Make a gazillion in 24 hrs at the press of a fu*king button”

Yours for ONLY $19.99… I would have sold hundreds!

What the hell’s the matter with these people?

Anyway, bollox to it, I got some interesting lessons from it all that I can learn from that is the main thing.


A beautiful day today, a perfect day for taking pics!

Here I am ..semi ranting…


“You dissapoint me”
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