Get your own website/blog or both. It’s simple enough to do. Not so easy for a first time doer, but simple, with simple instruction or help.

If I can do it, you can!

But why would you want to?

Good Question. If you are vain unlike me, you can have ya name.Β  πŸ˜†

Joking aside…

Own it

Mainly because you then own it, whatever you do online you want to own a space you can control however and whenever. Social pages and groups like many have on Facebook are great but they could vanish tomorrow. It does happen… Along with it all you have put into it.

Use them places but own a space.

It doesn’t have to be a website, you could have an app. Newsletter, forum, whatever.

A website is good as you can also do everything else from it. Other tools like apps, newsletters, forums, etc… you can promote with your website.

Yes you could just get by having a newsletter. You don’t have to have a site. But…

Own something!

Why risk losing all your efforts, use the social groups etc as a means to get people to your own space, the website / blog / newsletter / forum /Β  all… whatever you have with your website. Space you own!

As long it’s something you own. A free site is no good… you don’t own it.

You could create a personal site, a hobby site, or maybe have an expertise you could utilise to generate extra income, showcase skills etc.Β  Or maybe you are on a life changing path, taking up a huge diet/fitness change, taking up a new hobby like photography, started writing poems, you could share experiences and grow something around that.

Anything you want.

You then use other places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to drive people to your own space, so you have your best stuff on your own site / blog, which leads them to coming back more. We hope.

If you have a business, of any kind, or even a simple something you do to create an extra income, like many sell make up, or avon stuff, or many other areas, this is even more important.

After all, you are relying on it for income so you should own a space online, you have to take it seriously enough to own it, without a doubt.

If you haven’t, you really should.

Websites don’t have to be complicated, simple is enough, whatever your aim with it, as long as it does that aim, keeping it as simple as possible benefits both you and the visitors.

Learn as you grow and your skills broaden, then do more to improve the website. Always test things and you get definite answers. πŸ˜‰

So, where do you start?

First you need a domain name, this is what you see the website address on, so my domain name is robsellen.comΒ  as you know…Β  πŸ˜‰

Before you do go looking, I would suggest writing down several ideas for domain names (unless it’s already obvious) just in case you need to, this is on the off chance what you want is not available.

Make your domain relevant, unless you aim to use your name etc.

If you can, try to always get the .com but if others are available as well, you may want them too, you may not, but aim for the .com if possible. At the least, if more relevant too.

You can get that with lots of places, I use Godaddy for this because they have been great when it comes to renewals etc, unlike some where you may have missed an email and times lapsed a day or so and you see it’s been sold!!

Your website gone. Yep, that has happened to me before, thankfully not with this domain.

Use Godaddy or namecheap … be up to speed with dates of expiry on the namecheap one though, I have used both, and namecheap is good value.

So, go see if the domain name you want is available here and if it is, do NOT hesitate, buy it immediately, there is a good reason for this, you could come back half hour later and it’s gone, seriously. Been there done that.


Yep, been there, twice!

I learnt the hard way.

Make a note of that important point. πŸ˜‰

If you can, buy it for as long as you can afford, but aim for two years minimum.

This is to give you a real chance to get going with it, and even if you get fed up, you may go back and try again several months later, heck I have had a several year break on this blog, a mistake but it’s done.

One year is the minimum you can have it for but really a year is not long.

Now to host the site

Once you have bought your domain name, (congrats) you will have an email from the registrar, with all the details you need, keep it safe, you will need these details when you come to host the site on your domain.

This propagation of the domain name can take anywhere from 5 mins to 48 hours so the sooner you do that the better.

So… you got the domain name, now you need a host,Β  get a Hostgator account here, this is not a bad set up at all and a reasonable price, esp when you can go get more domains and host them on it too, so you can grow a network of related sites if you wanted to, or have several ideas to build a site around, do them all.

The choice is up to you… just get a hosting account to host the site. You have to have one!

Once you have done this, you should get another email from the host, with instructions. Follow these if you can, double check everything. If you get stuck, ask the host, or email me or someone you know who can help.

It should be straightforward to add the domain name servers details to the hosting. DNS for short. 48 hours or less it should be ready to use.

What are they?

Well. computers use the IP address to recognise the site, like we use a phone number to call. Every site has an IP address… computers use it, we humans luckily get to use the domain name, else we would have to remember the IP address for every site we wanted to see. πŸ™‚

The domain name server will look something like and you will likely get two. So another may be … you need to add both. There will be two boxes to add them to.

It really only take a minute or two to set them up. Follow the simple instructions in the email.

Now you will have to wait a while… have a cup of tea, give it 20 minutes, then see if it has worked, simply type in your new domain name into a web browser and hit go, see if your site is live.

It will show something, and most likely a “holding page” from your host.

If not, wait a little more, up to 48 hours, but it’s usually the same day.

Make a cup of tea…. or two. πŸ˜‰

Keep trying the domain in the browser till you see that holding page show.

Next you need to go and change that “holding page” now you know it’s live.


Get WordPress

Ok, let’s get this bit done quickly so that you know it’s all worked and you are ready to roll.

Once you have a live site, it’s easy to do, open your email from the hosting site, you can now go to your cPanel site your host gave you or similar that the host provides for you, this should be in your email, a link that looks like

This is like a dashboard to work your website hosting account from, for everything, and cPanel seems to be a common one, I use it. πŸ˜‰

Now you have got into your cPanel or similar, you can look for WordPress.

You’ll find that under something like “software” and maybe “apps installer”Β  and you should see the WordPress icon like the one above… click that, now you should see a WordPress choice to install.

Install it, if possible in the /home directory. You’ll see that as a choice.

This means it will be on the main domain. Not a sub domain… like I could have had this site you are on now in a sub domain set up like and have a standalone home page on and this blog you see as a part of it… make sense?

So you would go to and see a website which has a link somewhere to “blog” and that would be on . . . and you would see the blog you are now looking at. πŸ˜‰

Now you have made your choice, installed it. You should now get an email at the email address you put in the box on cPanel installation of WordPress… go and open that email.

You have a link to

And that is another dashboard where you do all your work building the actual website/blog, using WordPress click that and log in using the details from the email.

Building the site.

If all that has worked… you are already on your way to building your own website / blog and you are only minutes away from that being a reality! πŸ˜‰

If you check your domain name now in another window … you should already see a basic WordPress site.. ready to change to your own. It’s live, yours. Go change it. πŸ˜‰

Pick a theme, check under appearance on the left sidebar, themes, then choose one, or find a better one online, buy one, whatever, but choose one basic one from the list if you prefer to just start. . . play around, learn something about the dashboard, you can live preview the themes etc. Check the buttons out, when you find one you like, choose it, click publish.

It’s now live on your website / blog. Go check. πŸ˜‰

Now you are happy enough having it live and with a look you are ok with, go to the WordPress dashboard again, click “post” in left sidebar, and edit the one that’s alreadyΒ  published.

Play around, learn a little while you are doing it, but edit that post, do what you need to add to your website / blog, publish it. Well done…

You now have a website… πŸ™‚


If this helped you… feel free to buy me a beer. πŸ˜‰ >>> on the sidebar! Cheers!

IF you are local to me, I am happy to help you, in any way I can in person.


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